Smart wear bra that's revolutionizes breast cancer detection and monitoring.

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Smart Wears

Our product is designed to help women take control of their breast health, making it easy and convenient to perform self-examinations and avoid frequent hospital visits.


Smart Wears

Early cancer detection and monitoring from home.


Self screening

Aids self examination and avoids frequent hospital visits for routine examinations.


Ultrasound Technology

No compression, radiation, or contrast materials


NextSmartbra Tech

A Smart Clothing embedded with non- invasive, painless method based on frequent ultrasound pulsing from multiple sources to generate image of inside breast using sound reflections. The device accurately and safely detect earliest stage cancer and monitors the daily condition of a diagnosed breast cancer patient at the the comfort of your home.

  • Convinence
  • Easy to Use
  • High Accuracy
  • 100% Safe and Comfortable

Amazing Features.



Avoid frequent hospital visits for routine examinations, saving you time and money.


Easy to Use

Designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for women of all ages to monitor their breast health in the comfort of their own homes.


High Accuracy

Designed to be highly accurate, ensuring that users can rely on the results to make informed decisions about their breast health.


100% Safe and Comfortable

Non-invasive method that avoids compression, radiation, or contrast materials, making it a safer and more comfortable.

App Features

Working Principle

A result is created utilizing ultrasounds sent from various sources and sound reflections from the density variation of the cells using embedded miniature echographic transducers in the undergarments. The system provides at-home detection and monitoring of probable malignant cells at an early stage.


Stage 1

User wears the bra regularly or when they chose. The bra sends an alert to a smartphone application if the user should wear it more frequently.


Stage 2

When the smart bra is on, the embedded sensor sends sound waves to the body.


Stage 3

Result shows on the application.

Road Map

The pre-seed fund will enable Nextwear Technologies to transfer the Smart Bra Device prototype to the minimum viable product. By the end of 2023, at the product launch, the company will open the Seed round to develop the sales of the Smart Bra Device and lead the company to profitability.


Team Member

Founded by a team of experts in the field, we are dedicated to research and innovation, continually seeking new ways to improve our technology and expand our reach.

Robotics and embedded system Engineer

Bolarinwa Kemisola

Business Consultant and Project manager

Segun O Silas

Embedded system /software engineer

Everistus Nwogo

UI/UX designer and content writer

Dolapo Abdulkareem

Web application Designer

Onyeama Joseph Chikwesiri

Embedded system engineer

Joshua Isaac

Software/DevOps engineer

Kayode Adeniyi


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